This project started as an archive search in the town of San Giusto (TO) Italy, a city of 3000k people in northern Italy. The photographic archive belonged to my grandfather, Luigi "Gino" Fiorina, and it visually describes the simplicity and beauty of a rural town, starting from the early thirties to early nineties, depicting its inhabitants and long lost traditions. The exposition took place during the annual festivity for the patron saint and it consisted in an outdoor exhibition, for everyone to enjoy for free. I printed the images on billboard paper, glued them around town in the the most diverse places, where normally only election '92s posters are. In San Giusto everyone knows each other and many families are rooted in the area since generation, the exhibition has been an occasion to share meaningful memories and emotions. It was immensely important to me to put it out as a public installation, to give back to the community a sense of the past and pay tribute to the immense work of my grandfather.\ The pictures were big enough to suck the spectators in, creating a time traveling experience, in which to recognize something of the present or even fall in love with a long gone woman.