The phenomenon of waste abandonment in recent years has increased exponentially and indiscriminately concerns waste of any kind and nature that is abandoned in peripheral or rural urban environments. The areas where these abandonments take place, most of the time, then become in the long run receptacles of waste with a tendency to be definitive, turning into real illegal landfills, with associated environmental degradation and potential danger of pollution.
The project, born 2 years ago from the collaboration between Stefano Fiorina and Federico Aimar, is a research and analysis on this phenomenon increasingly widespread and of little public interest.
We started by observing the uncivil habit of throwing or abandoning carelessly small waste such as paper and cigarette butts, where it happens instead of using the appropriate baskets, arriving to make a systematic search in all rural areas, forests and along the major routes of passage where often our eye fell on a constant and daily degradation. With sadness in front of us there were violated landscapes where nature was engulfed by rubbish and the same rubbish had become part of a suffering nature. A suffering far from the eyes of all or, even more serious, before eyes that no longer see, totally desensitized.
We decided to break this veil of indifference with a strong and overbearing action, occupying advertising space, often the architects of our distracted gaze, located in the Canavese territory (our birthplace), with large format photographs of the degradation that could only be observed by stopping for a moment from the frenzy of a life that in every sense escapes us from our hands.