Images are something extremely powerful, because they have the ability to speak a universal language. For this work i made some photomontages using 3d google maps screens as background, combining as in a perspective collage, characters and flames of Age Of Empires. The virtuality of the game mixes with the 3d graphics produced by this reinterpretation of the real proposed by google. The two worlds come together creating a new imagery, a new game, the distortion of reality filtered by a digital medium and digital characters filtered by a real world. Photographs of the fantastic with strong references to the contemporary, places with a powerful symbolic value, icons of a capitalist present, assaulted by its own past. A work in search of the boundaries of what photography is. A fictitious war that brings back the thought of a cybernetic attack, a hacking, a method to underline how all power today is closely linked to the digital world, so rich in complexity but so fragile at the same time. Highlighting how also the war, his tactics and his training have evolved changing plan of "game". The fantasy and the dream in this case become vent and criticism, a way to psychologically break down reality towards the perspective of a new utopian and unreal world.